7 Strong Payoffs for Using a Medical Billing Service

We talk every day with physicians and practice managers who are confronting one basic challenge:

How can I make sure I collect what I’m due to be paid?

In some cases, these practitioners are handling their billing and coding functions in house, which means they are continually struggling to hire, train and manage the employees who oversee this critical business function — and their results vary.

The case for using a third-party billing service is compelling, and the payoffs are increasing every year. Because the business of practicing medicine becomes more complicated with every passing year, the benefits of using a revenue cycle management (RCM) company are more persuasive than ever, and Hawthorn is your best choice for an RCM partner.

Lower Overhead Cost. In-house billing operations are expensive, because physicians take on the costs for salary, benefits, training, computers and software, whether revenue is growing or declining. With Hawthorn, the direct costs for systems and staffing are eliminated.

Higher Collection Rate. Our experienced team members are simply more effective with the day to day responsibilities of filing claims and collecting balances. Compared to in-house billing teams, we recover more revenue and place fewer bad debts with collection agencies.

Faster Claims Processing. Time is money. No in-house billing operation can match our standards for speed and accuracy. We can convert your claims to cash in less time and reduce the number of days your claims spend in accounts receivable.

Better Trained Staff. Hawthorn’s team members are talented and effective specialists that undergo continuous training in federal and state statutes, regulations and policies.

Lower Technology Cost. Our computer systems and software capture incremental revenue. We maintain our systems with the latest upgrades and we deliver up-to-date metrics that can be easily analyzed for continuous improvement.

Improved Regulatory Compliance. Our billing and collection processes follow the guidelines required by all state and federal oversight agencies. We monitor all regulatory changes and participate in professional training workshops.

Better Data Security. Hawthorn backs up and securely stores all data files at an off-site facility. Our safeguards protect both patients and physicians, and we have achieved a record of 100% success in preserving confidentiality.

If you’d like better financial results for your practice, consider the benefits of the Hawthorn Advantage. Click here to learn how we can maximize your reimbursements and increase your profitability.

About Hawthorn

Hawthorn Physician Services Corporation is a privately-held, nationally-recognized healthcare revenue cycle management firm located in St. Louis, MO and currently operating in all 50 states. Hawthorn serves hospital-based medical practices, including pathologists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, hospitalists, emergency physicians, and radiation oncologists, plus office-based specialties, including internists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, wound care specialists, and infectious-disease physicians.

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We improve profits for medical practices by increasing their net collections and maximizing their reimbursements.