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Hawthorn Physician Services

A billing group that works harder to make you as successful as possible

As a healthcare provider, your first priority is always to your patients. However, as the healthcare industry is strained during unprecedented changes, your ability to serve your patients as you want may be challenged. To survive in this environment and continue to provide the care you strive for, you need…

Hawthorn finds the bucks that physicians need now

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has produced dramatic increases in unemployment claims. Many of these newly unemployed or furloughed workers will lose their health care benefits.

Physicians should be asking some basic questions about the implications for this trend:

  • How will the lack of employees’ health care benefits affect my practice?

Our On-Boarding System Delivers Uninterrupted Cash Flow

Don’t let anxiety about monthly revenue keep you from making a change.

Physicians and practice managers are often reluctant to change medical billing companies because they are concerned about cash flow during the transition from one company to another. …

How the pandemic is creating unique challenges around medical billing and coding

Healthcare providers are more active than ever in response to the outbreak and it’s having a significant impact on the healthcare revenue cycle and provider finances. Keeping the billing office running is key to keeping hospitals and practices open, especially during the outbreak. …

We talk every day with physicians and practice managers who are confronting one basic challenge:

How can I make sure I collect what I’m due to be paid?

In some cases, these practitioners are handling their billing and coding functions in house, which means they are continually struggling to hire…

Making life easier for our physician clients

Outside pressures are demanding more time and attention from physicians — and the trend in healthcare delivery is toward increasing complexity. At Hawthorn Physician Services we are physician advocates, and we have the knowledge and experience to address complexity with certainty. …

Is your medical billing team willing to share both good news and bad news?

In the long run, the most unpleasant truth is a safer companion than a pleasant falsehood. –Theodore Roosevelt

Are you receiving timely, accurate reports about the financial health of your medical practice? …

Hawthorn Will Fight For You

Many physicians are asking fundamental questions about their financial success:

  • Why does the practice of medicine have to be complex?
  • How can I better manage the key drivers of my income?
  • Why can’t I collect the fees that I am due to be paid?
  • Why does it seem like I’m…

Spot your medical billing leaks, close the gaps, and collect more cash

At Hawthorn Physician Services, we’ve served as stewards of physicians’ revenue for over 40 years. We’ve worked side-by-side with physicians as the business of medicine has become more challenging and more complex. …

Its all in the data

“The goal is to turn data into information, and turn information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina

Data and analytics are changing businesses in the same way computers and the internet changed businesses decades ago. …

Hawthorn Physician Services

We improve profits for medical practices by increasing their net collections and maximizing their reimbursements.

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